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Character Creation [14 Sep 2010|10:51am]
  As requested, there will be two character creation gatherings for the 20 year leap and switch to 4th Edition. Rob and I should both be at the 7th Sea Downtime night this coming Saturday; we will have books, sheets and photo-copied packets. The second session should take place within the next week or so.
Please pass this along to anyone who's email I haven't got.

A few character creation notes:
Several people have asked about playing the children of former PCs. Some of these children will be Plot (tm) but many are available, pending the approval of the players of the parents. Come talk to us.
We will be using the option rule which gives Courtiers a 1pt discount on all Advantages with the Social Tag.

Watch the Website for more updates!

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Honor & Steel: 8/7/09 [05 Aug 2009|06:19pm]
Let it be known that the Honorable Lord Seppun Ieshige, Shogun and Rikugunshoken of the Imperial Legions in the name of the Hantei, issues the following invitation ~

  To the Champions, Daimyo, and Samurai of the Imperial Court of the Emerald Empire; you are hereby invited to attend the marriage of Lord Otomo Nobosuke and Lady Otomo Oharu of the Imperial Line, to be held this Friday the seventh, at the Seppun Castle.  Following the ceremony, Lord Ieshige will hold a reception and celebration for those who have attended.

  Lords Otomo and Seppun, and Lady Otomo, look forward to seeing all with whom they have had the pleasure to become aquainted over the past year.

(This message is delivered by Miya Heralds)
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Honor & Steel Reminder: 6/5/09 [01 Jun 2009|07:44am]
Esteemed and Honorable Samurai of Rokugan, the Emerald Empire;

  As it has been ordained by the Kami that we live during these times of trial and tribulation, with all the sorrow and loss that they bring;
  And as our beloved Emperor, Hantei XXXII has passed from this world, leaving us without the guidance of his divine radiance;
  And as there are outstanding and neccessary matters vital to the safety of this Empire which must be addressed;

  Lord Otomo Shunsen, Daimyo of the Otomo family, extends this invitation to attend a gathering at the Otomo Palaces this coming Fifth day of the Month of the Horse.  It is his fervent desire that he be graced with the honor of your company.

Otomo Shunsen
Nephew of Hantei XXXII
Daimyo of the Otomo
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Honor & Steel Reminder: Friday 5/1 [30 Apr 2009|09:10am]

 The Son of Heaven is Dead, and the Imperial City has been sealed by the Guardian's Troops.  The Emperor's children are all dead of the plague, and among his nieces and nephews no clear Heir to the Throne was names.

 The Kaiu wall is once again soaked in the Ichor of unspeakable horrors from the South.

 The Imperial Chancellor has been assassinated.

 The Jade Champion is missing.

  Where once the Emerald Empire knew peace...

 ...now there is only chaos and blood.

Honor & Steel: Tales of Ningen Do
Friday, May 1st, 2009
Southington, CT
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Honor & Steel Reminder: The Wall, Sunday 4/19 [16 Apr 2009|10:53am]
The spring breeze is cool; it finds the gaps in armor, slipping in to chill skin.  The feeling is pleasant; you know that once the fighting begins, the heat from the sweat and crush of bodies will be nearly unbearable.  Standing atop the Carpenter Wall, looking down gives you vertigo.  The mountains shine in the morning sun; on the plain below, a mass of horrors marches toward you, and you do your best to fight back the fear.  Only one thing matters:


This Sunday, 4/19, at 10am, we will be meeting at Jon and Rachel's house in Manchester to run the first battle at the Kaiu Wall.  For those coming, please try to be there on time so that we can get started promptly.  We plan to move through this quickly, but battles can still take quite a while, so be prepared and patient.  We'll have some breakfast waiting, but we expect a lot of people, so feel free to bring something in the way of a pot-luck breakfast.

The address is:

35 Wedgewood Drive, Manchester, CT, 06042

Please park on the street; both sides are perfectly acceptable.  If you have difficulty finding the House, you can call Rachel's cell
.  Make sure to remind anyone you know is planning on going, because I'm sure I don't have everyone's email address yet.

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You all need to read this before it goes away. [02 Apr 2009|09:16am]

"Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas, Chuck Norris wears Todd Silber pajamas"
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Honor & Steel Reminder: 4/3/09 [01 Apr 2009|12:02pm]

The Third Day of the Month of the Dragon, 929


                The Festival of Togashi has come and gone; Lady Sun shines down from skies of the purest blue, and a warm breeze carries the scent of spring through the Imperial City of Otusan Uchi.  Even in the highest mountain passes, the snows have cleared, and Winter Court draws to a close.  It is a time of contrast: a time for marriages, and a time for the mustering of troops.  How many of the noble Samurai who have come to know each other over these past months will meet again on the field of battle?  How many will survive a Season of War to meet again over tea in the autumn?

                In the Sake houses near the docks, sailors murmur tales of pirates and sunken ships.  At the Geisha Houses, Ronin, idle during the long winter, take up their swords and seek employment for the summer.

                From the north and the west, the breeze carries the smell of smoke.

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Watchmen [04 Mar 2009|07:37am]
 I haz seen it, thanks to our dear Ms. Lazaroff, and it is good.

That said, I'm still hitting the 12:01 showing thursday, 'cause its worth seeing again and going with a bunch more friends.  Barring any alternative proposal, I will say the Crown in Hartford, though I think it's changed its name.  Its the 17 screen theatre on New Park. 
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Honor and Steel reminder [03 Mar 2009|11:08am]
The 6th Day of the Month of the Hare, 929

    The New Year has come to The Emerald Empire, and each new beginning carries with it the seed of an ending.  In the past year, the Empire has seen the passing of its leaders and heroes, its priests and generals, lords and vassals, its wisdom and experience.  The First Winter Court since the passing of the Plague draws near to its close: an aging Emperor's Heirs vie in the Courts; an Oracle has appears and then vanishes again; A Master of Fire has fallen, and another Risen; alliances are forged and crumble.  The strong look toward Summer and the clearing of the passes, and gird their armor.  The weak crumble.

    It is the time for final, desperate negotiations, and then the silence that precedes a slaughter.

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Watchmen [26 Feb 2009|10:52am]
 So, Watchmen comes out the same day as Honor and Steel is running - a week from tomorrow.  Since we have no intention of canceling or moving game, I'm planning on hitting a 12:01 showing Thursday night/Friday morning.  I haven't picked a theater yet, but I know the Hartford theater on New Park Ave has a 12:01 showing, and I would guess Manchester does also.

 Anyone who's interesting in going in a large mob, reply here or drop me a line.
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Reminder & Pictures [31 Jan 2009|08:58am]
The 7th Day of the Month of the Tiger, 928

  As Toshi no Ichi, the New Year's Festival, approaches, all is not well at Imperial Court.  Behind painted fans and pleasant facades, turmoil and corruption lurk.  A shocking assasination attempt in the midst of the Court upon the Emperor's own Nephew shows just how fragile a thing peace is; accusations of poison use stain the honor of the Crane Clan; illegal Duels between Phoenix and Scorpion are fought in the streets, while it is said that Kansen, the corrupted spirits which lurk within the Shadowlands, have been found within the Imperial Palace itself.

  With the New Year approaching, Spring will be fast on its heels.  When the snows melt, the season of Courtiers ends and the season of Warriors beginning.  What alliances and feuds boiling under the surface now will erupt into open war?

  Honor and Steel will playing this coming Friday the 6th at the same time and location, and we look forward to seeing you all there.  We have some new pictures up at the website, and we plan to take more, so enjoy and bring your costuming! 

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Honor and Steel Reminder [30 Dec 2008|11:29am]
Imperial Winter Court, Otusan Uchi - The Month of the Ox

  Preparations begin for Toshi no Ichi, the New Year's festival which will take place on the 28th Day of the Month of the Tiger; the peasants have begun to braid their straw ropes, hung outside the houses to keep away the spirits of the old year during the festival.  In the Court, rumors and intrigue swirl.  There have been duels, contests of art and skill; there have been accusations of poison, rumors of plague.
  Perhaps of most interest is the gradual return of the Emperor's various nieces and nephews; with his own children dead of plague, one of them will be named Heir to the Throne...and the favor of the next Emperor would be a prize to be won, indeed.
This Friday January 2nd Honor and Steel: Tales of Ningen-Do will run at its normal time and at its normal location.  Staff will be on site at 6pm, and game will start by 7:30.  There's currently about a fifty fifty chance of snow showers that evening, and we'll be keeping an eye on the forecast.  At the moment it doesn't look heavy enough to be worried about.

See you all there!

Dave N
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This Friday [03 Dec 2008|03:40pm]
This Friday the 5th, same place and time...

A new Emerald Champion has been appointed, but he is untested.
The Shogun has returned to the Imperial city, and seems ill at ease.
Rumors circulate: of plague, of the missing Clan Daimyo, of unrest among the peasantry - of an Emperor who has not been seen publicly in months, and whose children have all succumbed to the plague.

It is in this Otosan Uchi that there has been a call for the greatest artists and poets to present their works in Imperial Court.  The most skillful artist will be granted an audience with the Emperor himself - but what will they find?

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Honor & Steel Reminder [05 Nov 2008|03:42pm]

Same time, same place, this friday the 7th in southington.

I look forward to seeing everyone there...

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Reminder [03 Oct 2008|07:04am]
Hello All;

  Honor and Steel will be running tonight at 7:30pm at the same site as the first game, in Southington.  Directions can be found on the website:  www.honorandsteel.com

  The New Dream Changeling game (www.thenewdream.org) has been kind enough to list us as their featured game of the month, asking everyone to come and check us out.  They'll be running this Sunday during the day, and I can confidently recommend the game as one of the better ways to spend your day in the area.  Any Honor and Steel player who reciprocates by checking out Changeling this Sunday will receive a single box of Honor on their character sheet.

  We look forward to seeing everyone tonight.  We'll be at the Site early and looking to start game at 7:30 promptly, so please try to give yourself time to spend xp, check in, and take care of anything else that needs doing.  Remember, you get an extra 1xp for being ready to go in character when Game starts.

Dave N
AST, Honor and Steel
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Returned [02 Sep 2008|11:37am]
Back from Nonclave, and back to classes at CCSU.

The Roadtrip was fun, though I recomend to anyone who plans on going next year they bring either a Sabbat or Werewolf character.  There wasn't enough going on Cam side to only play a Cam character for the weekend.  I definately enjoyed both the Tremere Tribunal and the Get of Fenris stuff that happened.

This is going to be a busy week; we're having our last pre-game staff meeting tonight, and we hope to see everyone Friday evening for the first session of Honor and Steel.
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Announcement [21 Aug 2008|12:01am]
 Everyone who can read this is invited to check out the website below, and hopefully to come and see us on the 5th of September.  We're all very excited, and we hope you will be too.

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This is why Europeans think Americans are Stupid [28 Jul 2008|08:55am]
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Hellboy II [18 Jul 2008|11:58pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

 Rory's Improvised Terrain Melee spec would totally apply when fighting on moving clockwork gears.

 I'm just saying, is all.

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Plug [16 Jul 2008|08:21am]
The Springfield Werewolf game is starting back up this Saturday after a long Hiatus, with Adam B joining staff.  We've had a really great bunch of players and some great story in this game, and I'd really like to see it hit the ground running again, so I encourage anyone who played it in the past, and anyone who's thought about trying werewolf, and anyone who just wants something to do saturday, to come try it out.  I'll definately be there.

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